What is


The Next Generation of Audio Engineering

For the past 30 Years, the audio industry has been putting the entire recording studio ecosystem onto a computer. The tracking machine, FX racks, editor, and mixer all sit on a computer monitor. In 2012, Steven Slate and his team decided to turn the monitor into a world-class, multi-touch control surface called RAVEN.

With RAVEN, you have a virtual environment where the engineer can immerse themselves into their DAW like never before. With 24 high-resolution faders, instant-touch accessibility for all plugins, and RAVEN’s digital assistant Batch Commander, producers and engineers can work faster, more efficiently, and more creatively.


This thing is fun! It makes arduous editing jobs enjoyable. Also, it actually functions as you’d want it to. It speeds up your workflow. I’ve saved myself hours in the last few weeks editing audio, automating plugins and…


I’ve just found myself sitting here intuitively reaching for the right faders, working plugins, working all the editorial side of it and being able to go back and forth between sound wave editing and the mixer and I find that…


I can stay in the sweet spot all the time in a 5.1 environment, which is really important to me. I can switch groups of hundreds of tracks and then those groups will just pop up in front of me. They’re organized, I can see them…


I can get around my session way quicker using the raven than I can using just the mouse and key commands and this saves me time. And anything that saves me time allows me to spend more time concentrating…